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Mexico’s leading B2B conference organizer introduces the world’s leading event networking platform.
Delivering intent-based matchmaking powered by Artificial Intelligence that connects the right people. Network, no matter where you are.
Matchmaking Connect
Connect with people based on mutual goals

Attendees find matches based on mutual interests and the goals they want to achieve.

Relevant profile

Custom pitch, profile photo, social media links and more

Relevant interests & intents

Achieve your goals by communicating detailed intents around specific interests.

Frictionless sign in

Social authentications make registration a breeze.

Matchmaking Smart
Smart matchmaking facilitates booking 1:1 meetings with top matches

Attendees select a time, send a meeting request, and receive a confirmation automatically.

Simple meeting booking

Scheduling and rescheduling a meeting takes seconds.

Simple pre-engagement

Once meetings are accepted, attendees can chat and network virtually.

Contact details

All messages and meeting details saved to your account.

Matchmaking TheMeeting
The meeting happens, live or online. It’s time to network!

Your attendees connect at the scheduled time, either at a numbered table (at hybrid events) or in the app. It’s simple.

Power meetings

Each meeting lasts 15 minutes. No time wasted!

Virtual conferencing, 1:1 or groups

Attendees can network, no matter where they are, and with no extra downloads.


Attendees get meeting reminders 5 minutes before.