Hybrid event

Professional Hybrid Events In Mexico!

Bring your entire community together for an incredible shared experience, no matter where they are.

Provide the best hybrid networking experience
Personal meeting rooms offer your attendees the flexibility to have a quality discussion from the event or their home.
Powering hybrid experiences around Mexico & the world
Attendees select a time, send a meeting request, and receive a confirmation automatically.
*Simple meeting booking Scheduling and rescheduling a meeting takes seconds.
*Simple pre-engagement Once meetings are accepted, attendees can chat and network virtually.
*Contact details All messages and meeting details saved to your account.
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The meeting happens, live or online. It’s time to network!
Your attendees connect at the scheduled time, either at a numbered table (at hybrid events) or in the app. It’s simple.
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Do you want to be part of the sponsor of the events in Mexico Business Events?
Prove value to sponsors by showcasing booth traffic before and during your event.

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