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The Future of B2B Conferences
Mexico’s leading organizer of B2B conferences offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-level industry events. Our track record of organizing 100+ in-person, hybrid and virtual conferences covering Mexico's main industries is now enabling us to shape the future of B2B conferences through unmatched in-person conference experiences, high-level networking, AI-driven intent-based matchmaking, and unprecedented speaker lineups.
Welcome to the future of B2B conferences!
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Industry-Leading B2B Conferences

The Must-Attend Events for Mexico’s Business Leaders

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Unique Hybrid Conference Concept The Best of Both Worlds

1 Day



The in-person day of our conferences is designed to offer a unique experience by mixing a unique attendee experience with great emphasis on networking and matchmaking.

2 Days
Program and High-Level Speakers

Our two-day hybrid conference programs offer unparalleled speaker lineups, with a mix of onsite and virtual speaker participations, and focus on the topics that matter most.

3 Days
AI-Based Matchmaking

AI-based, intent-driven matchmaking takes center stage both during the in-person day and throughout two days of AI-based virtual matchmaking connecting you with opportunities.

Matchmaking &
Brella enables us to offer our attendees and sponsors a high-tech networking platform designed with user-friendliness in mind. Brella's AI-powered, intent-driven matchmaking will identify the best matches for both attendees and sponsors and brings them together in a matter of seconds.
Our Community
Is Revolutionizing The Industry
Mexico Business Communities are powerful industry-based networking platforms that offer C-level executives access to high-quality in-person and online events, leading-edge content, private and group meetings, on-demand videos and topic-based discussion boards.
Conferences with Impact
Download our Impact Reports
We invite you to download the impact reports of our conferences to get the inside perspective on the results that we deliver for attendees, speakers and sponsors. Our conferences excel in delivering results that matter for your business!