The Event Platform Built for Matchmaking and Networking!

Brella enables us to offer our attendees and sponsors a high-tech networking platform designed with user-friendliness in mind. Brella's AI-powered, intent-driven matchmaking will identify the best matches for both attendees and sponsors and brings them together in a matter of seconds.  It only takes a couple of clicks for our attendees to create a profile and for Brella to work its matchmaking magic! All meaningful connections are delivered straight to our attendees and sponsors based on their networking interests. 


Attendee success

Brella enables us to complement top-trending content with an unmatched matchmaking and networking experience across our in-person and virtual days. Lead generation means business!  

Sponsor success

Matchmaking also offers an unparalleled source of qualified leads for our sponsors, which enables us to offer effective ROI-generating packages to our sponsors for an irresistible opportunity. Matchmaking means profits!

Stellar engagement

We are masters of nurturing pre-engagement. Our participants and sponsors can connect and get to know each other long before the conference.  

Data & analytics

Brella’s data and analytics capabilities offer a whole new perspective on the impact of our events, enabling is to measure attendee engagement, content relevance, sponsor ROI and much more.