November 28 - 30, 2023

Mexico ESG Summit 2023

The first edition of Mexico ESG Summit, which takes place in the context of Mexico Business Summit 2023, is focused on exploring the role that ESG will play in the future of business. Join Mexico’s business leaders and learn to leverage their best practices in your business strategy and goal setting.


This high-level conference will focus on answering questions such as:

  • How does ESG drive sustained outcomes that create value, fuel growth, while strengthening societies and the environment?
  • How can companies use ESG to future-proof their operations and capture the best opportunities of tomorrow?

8+Industry conferences

100+Panels and presentations

250-300High-level speakers

2,000+Business and political leaders

Key Speakers

 Fernanda Guarro
Fernanda Guarro
General Director, 3M Mexico
 Alejandro Preinfalk
Alejandro Preinfalk
CEO, Siemens Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
 Ana Paula Jiménez
Ana Paula Jiménez
Country Senior Partner, PwC Mexico

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