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As organizers of over 45 industry-leading, high-level B2B conferences in Mexico, we understand that face-to-face conferences and networking events are tremendously valuable. But we are embracing the unique opportunities that virtual and hybrid conferences offer to attendees, speakers and sponsors. The time is now to reshape the future of B2B conferences in Mexico.

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Our virtual and hybrid B2B conferences are removing geographic barriers, opening Mexico’s main industries to business leaders around the world.


Are you ready to take your networking experience to the next level? The integration of an industry leading networking platform enables our attendees, speakers and sponsors to benefit from AI-driven, intent-based matchmaking and lead generation. Your next client, partner or supplier could be anyone, anywhere.


In line with our reputation for excellent content and speakers, our programs will continue to feature the business and political leaders shaping the future of Mexico’s main industries.

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Mexico’s leading organizer of exclusive B2B events operates a comprehensive portfolio of 10 high-level industry conferences. Our in-person, virtual and hybrid conferences focus on the topics that matter most and deliver unmatched AI-driven networking opportunities

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